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Calling all blogs!

Ok, here's my first public entry in a loooong time, and it's to say that if you're my friend and you have a non-lj blog with an RSS feed leave me a comment! Thanks to Safari RSS I'm compiling all of my friend's RSS blogs into one page so I can stay up to date with you guys. Sorry for those on MySpace, you don't have an RSS feed :(...but you Friendster folks do so lemme know if you use them!

Also I'm thinking of setting up a more reputable public blog (aka on a subject instead of my personal life) so what would you guys think is interesting?

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Hi, it's nora (formerly [ profile] 3point1415927), posting from my new journal. Add me back?:)

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hope you don't mind a random message -- I saw you on myspace and thought to myself: a) you have a great taste in music; b) you have a good taste in tattoos; c) we have similar eye lids.

which is wierd, i know.

i dont know what you usually write about -- and lately all my entries have been a bit depressing -- but if you would like to be LJ friends that would be awesome!

good luck with that RSS feed stuff; what are you thinking of writing about?


PS- if you ever go on myspace again, feel free to look me up: I'm Little Microscopic Clouds.

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are you really from NS?! Wow, talk about crazy...

Did you go to NSHS? I am wondering if I remember you. Hmmm. oh well. at the same time I hope you wouldn't remember me from high school. what an awkward time.

balanced rock = love.

what kind of tattoos do you have going so far? I've only got two-- also just recently tattooed my ribs. ouch ouch ouch but awesome!


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I only have two-- a horse kick out on my right shoulder and a quote on my left side: "There is no justification for present existence other than its expansion into an indefinatly open future" (simone de beauvoir). i really should get more, eventually. my body looks unfinished.

How long have you been playing the viola?

It's good to hear you went to Foxlane- NSHS was rediculous. we hardly had any of our own sports teams (did we play football for you guys?! i think we might have...) and jay leno would flip us off in the morning as he jogged at our track. and our theatre/music departments were even worse. that i knew first hand.

Have you decided on a place in maine yet? I'm wicked jealous of your summer retreat -- i'm going to go up for a week in August to camp in Acadia but that will be it. Do you get to have the whole summer off?


[-message from steve b-]

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We're back from the British Isles. While there I made a few (i.e., 3 or 4) posts on my blogger account.

I may be updating that with info on our new place in San Francisco, since a blog may be the best way for a lot of friends to know how I'm doing/ask for a place to crash.

Which reminds me. If you need a place to crash, call me. Also, if you have a flickr account, add me as a contact. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Link to pictures from Europe can be found on the blog page.

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small world beca (it's vanessa)...saw you on vaginapagina :-P


Found you....

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Hey :)

My name's Edmond Bertrand and my reply to your posting is: "Tag, you're it :) "

I'm writing because I found your myspace page and I was hoping you'd add me as a friend...& since you don't go there very often, I wanted to 'track you down' as it were and see if we could connect.




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Hey R -

Saw you in Hank's comments, and followed the link... wow, this thread is old... Anyhow, thought I'd say "hi" and "hope everything is well." I've got two blogs w/ feeds if you're interested:

Web/Design+Tech+Politics (with a co-author) -

Everything else -

see ya...

Question about everydaybodies

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I'm interested in contributing to and joining the everydaybodies project. The page said to contact you, so, here I am! Hope to hear from you soon..

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You seem cool... from what I can tell.

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